Tuesday, October 13, 2009

muahaha :D



穿過雲層 我試著努力向妳奔跑



妳對我有多重要 我後悔沒讓妳知道

安靜的聽妳撒嬌 看妳睡著一直到老




Sunday, August 2, 2009

omh!? o.O




the one and only omh holyy SUNSHINE BACKSIDE BOYY wil be backkk :D

when when when when?

only the one and only omh holyy wil noeeee :D

wahaha i noe no 1 bother readin my blog so...i dun think any1 readin dis oso haha jus me myself and i stonin alone at dis post hopin for the one and only omh holyy sunshine backside boyy to be back..jus me alone..prayinn..so sad and lonelyyy noo "lonelyy im so lonelyyy i hv no bodyyy~" lol floatin head ghost's theme song mehh lol got no body o.O XD

haha to those bother readin even til dis part..CONGRATS ur now officially the loyal follower of the one and only omh holyy sunshine backside boyy and u'll receive 1% discount for any sunshine backside product! XD keep tunin in for more updates on the return of the one and only omh holyy sunshine backside boyy YAY!! ALL HAIL the one and only omh holyy sunshine backside boyy for HE is da light when theres darkness~~ OMH OMH OMHHHH!! (official cheer for the one and only omh holyy sunshine backside boyy) XD

sunshine backside boyy..jus a pure blend of sunshine and holyy XD lol sounds like advertisement laa XD register as a fan now and receive daily holy message that wil holyy-tize ur life..LOL to register simply sms ilovesunshinebacksideboyyomh to 0176650756..XD

p.s lol if u happen to read thru da whole post..kindly look at urself in any mirror to c whether u got O.O or @.@..if no..plz seek medical attention as u got serious problem XD

Saturday, December 27, 2008

holy diet plan!!


Step 1:
decide on the area tat u think is OVERLOAD n tat u wana b slim n sexy

Step 2:
perform spiritual meditation that allows u to communicate wit all parts of ur body

Step 3:
Once connection is established between u n ur body persuade ur targeted area eg stomach man boob buttock to shed down those fats to achieve ur 10kg slimmer per day goal

Step 4:
if body did not comply try flirting wit the targeted area by gently rubbing it

Step 5:
if da desire result is not achieved prepare a stick and begin operation F.T.S force to slim. Whack the targeted area until dey follow ur order and begin to slim down. Much desired effect if the operation is carried out by some one other than u.

Step 6:
if all steps til now fail face the fact and go hv all da food u wan without fear as there's no hope for u to get slim.

Preferable to hv insurance tat covers freak accident. Do not sue me im stil a boy :D

ok enuf crap..i nid to go on a diet plan..not like i haven been on 1..oh wait..i did PLAN to go on diet 134337585485 times..but distractions is always my obstacle to diet..dun blame me..blame my rebellious stomach for not bein there for me when i nid her..yea my stomach is a she lol XD

any idea how to shed 10kg aday?? other than da 6 steps above? :D

i-freakin-nid-to-b-slim =/ so tat i can look taller XD

its not a crime to want a nice body :D

Friday, December 26, 2008

revival of da holy backside boyyy: vol 1

XD back!!
XD back!!
XD back!!
XD back!!
XD back!!
XD back!!
XD back!!
XD back!!
XD back!!
XD back!!
XD back!!
XD back!!
XD back!!
XD back!!
XD back!!
XD back!!
XD back!!
XD back!!
XD back!!
XD back!!
XD back!!
XD back!!

dun ask me why im gone..dun ask me why im back..hormones problem XD


Boxing day!!~~

boxing day outin..its BOXING DAY!! a once in a year chance for u to get on the street n punch da living crap outta any1!! perfect remedy to reliev a year load of stress..tats da beauty of boxing day =D wahaha jus jokin please dun do tat..boxing day is da day afta christmas..but its not reali celebrated in Malaysia compared to nations like aussie n uk..

a vry last minute plan to times square on boxing day by mr Darren..freakin told me at 11pm da day b4 :D since i have nothin better to do at home other than O.O STONEEE..i decided i've stone enuf dis whole holiday and go there and hv some fun punchin some ass XD da initial plan was to meet at 10.30am..super wtf..afta consultation wit their conscience dey decided to postpone to a less ridiculous time..11.30.. YATTA XD

apparently dat is stil consider too early for a few person which decided to show up at 2pm XD so at 11.30..of all 6 ppl tats goin..onli 3 reported for duty on time XD instead of waitin for da rest like O.O dumbass, mr DION aka char siew peng propose that v hit da K..nyahaha..yea da KKKKKaraokeeee!! which immediately i noe is a bad idea as statistics shown that da probability of char siew peng letting go of da mic is close to 0% XD afta some childish argument on da price and other lepak options outside neways for half an hr..v finally decided to screw it and sing XD lol quite pricey though 20++ per person for 2 hrs..but there's tea set included XD

Statistics were nvr wrong..once entered da room..it was as though im in a private concert..where me=audience..and the superstar is none other than..JENG JENG JENG mr char siew penggggg~~ and his special invited guest mr dailou XD me? i was busy eatin my chicken chop and i lazy wana fight for da mic n remote XD its amazing tat i stil hv appetite to eat and tat my digestive system is stil workin under such bizarre environment XD my stomach rox!! XD it was pretty fun to hang out once in awhile..and da expression on mr superstar when he sings is priceless =) other than eatin..i function as the backup singer XD cz i seldom listen to chinese songs n dey were singin chinese songs O.O nvrtheless i had my moment wit a few solo effort nyahaha XD and my other fren mr sheng ko function as da percussionist XD his role is to sing or more precisely "bark" any musical instrument part such as piano,guitar part of da song XD den da late comers came bout 3pm..we regrouped and went on to our highlighted event of the day..LUKLING!!~~ XD

LUKLING has been a tradition to mehsi gang..its a MUST HV event for all gathering XD and our "world record" holder goes to mr char siew peng with da score of 203..and since den every lukling outings comes wit an ultimate goal in mind..break da WR!! XD

lalalaaaa~~ 3 games..char siew peng won both da first and last game but his scores were not even close to breakin his own WR..n miowtao showed us his chicken-ish spin ball..damn fake..but considered pro lar wit remote control XD throw ball hit pin wait ball throw ball hit pin da process went on and on~~ n while waitin for our turn we took our time and checked on da target tat was picked up by our radar..XD bowling is not my strong point..not consistent..sumtimes i can royal flush longkang sumtimes can royal flush strike like wat happen today :D first and second game like omhs..third game was more ohms O.O scored 190 for da vry first time..piece of advice..eat more chicken to increase ur chances to "chicken" XD personal record LOL..i shud brin home da lucky ball XD

afta bowling went arcade..summary summary of stuff v played..omg air hockey is so damn fun..greatest invention afta pc and bed XD played tat for bout 1 hr :D daytone is GAY..yeaa G-A-Y..its freakin fake and ridiculous thru out da whole race i jus press on da gas pedal onli NVR not even once on da brake..den no point puttin da brake pedal there la LOL XD den v spotted 1 sniper thingy game..self proclaimed sniper king aka mr char siew peng took da challenge and he can jump off da building wit his sniper king title XD hmm..another traditional event for mehsi outings..PHOTOHUNT!! XD we were keen on breakin da photohunt record on any machines in any location as we wan our name on da machine XD other ppl were like O.O"" as 6 gigantic macho man crowded around da small photohunt machines XD afta several attempts and our eyes sored..we called it a day wit yet another failure to break da records..those record holders are officially deemed as crazy as it is freakin impossible..nvm..we WILL BE BACK wit more eyes nex time..beware photohunt machines all over malaysia XD

tat was da end of da gatherin..miowtao kissed sheng ko as da closin ceremony XD jkjk..no elements of gay in our gatherin certified TONTONAN UMUM except some mutual ass whackin wit no gay intention..dun imagineee XDXD infront of da berjaya resort at 6.45pm..we parted ways..may our path cross again in da future =)

wahaha so gayy..i noe i'll c u guys soon XDXD forever MEHSI spirit wahahaa..

Thursday, May 29, 2008


LOL finally can relax afta a week of hell O.O

yeaaa hell..had 2 quizzes and a presentation in 4 days O.O n i am havin a few major assignments in hand now n tryin hard to NOT procrastinate =.= somebody SLAP ME PLEASEEEE T.T in the mean time..i think i'll giv myself some time to relax first =P

Last fri-sun..had leadership camp..it was awesomeee so much fun n stupid crazy stuff happened =D n did alot of random stuff..got videos comin up =D

these are all the pics i've got..so..

Everyone!! =D

Jan intake with mca pose XDXD

Gayin pose~~ XD

Hot dogs anyone?? =D

conclu: camp rox!! XDXD

will post more when i get all of the pics =)

Monday, May 19, 2008

two all beef patties!!!

two all-beef patties special sauce lettuce cheese pickles onion on a sesame seed bun~~

say tat in 4 seconds and VOILA..free big mac XD

this is a crazy brilliant idea of mcD to attract more customers..and bein me..there is no chance i'll let free food slip away =D

i had 4 of the coupon tat entitled 1 chance to do the chant and walk away with a free big mac =D and i manage to do the chant in 3 seconds and JENG JENG JENG..4 free big macc =D

winnin free food is so fun XDXD

JENG JENG JENG..free food XD

Life is good =D